The 3 Best Under Tv Electric Fireplace Stands

Do you want to add warmth and coziness to your living space without taking up too much floor space? An under tv electric fireplace stand is an excellent solution that can help you achieve this. Not only do they look great under a flat-screen TV, but they also provide efficient heating for the room.

There are many types of under tv electric fireplace stands available on the market today ranging from wall-mounted units to cabinets and fireplaces with shelves. To make it easier for you, we have put together a list of the 3 best under tv electric fireplace stand options so that you can find one that suits your needs perfectly.

Features To Look For In Under Tv Electric Fireplace Stands


When searching for the perfect under tv fireplace cabinet, one of the most critical factors to consider is size. Certain products consist merely of a TV stand with fireplace inserts that measure approximately only a few feet wide. Additionally, some versions are intended to fit in corners so they don’t occupy too much wall space.


The optimal electric fireplace TV stands provide several settings to regulate the velocity of the blaze, the warmth generated by the unit, as well as its luminosity. Most admirers enjoy a control panel directly built into their stand for ultimate convenience; however, others favor having remote controls that can easily adjust the heat or even ignite flames from any corner of the room.


An under tv Electric fireplace stand comes with a variety of storage options, from deep corner cupboards to more expansive consoles offering multiple shelves and cabinets. A basic stand features only the top shelf for your television as well as the occupied base that serves as a fire unit.

On the other hand, corner units may feature small cupboards on both sides while some larger ones offer numerous spaces for DVDs, games, books, or controllers. With all these choices available in electric fireplace TV stands you’re sure to find one perfect for your home.

Material And Style

If you’re looking to add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your room, then look no further than a black wooden fireplace TV stand. Keep in mind that the dark hue will attract dirt and dust quickly – so be prepared for regular cleaning. Alternatively, consider a medium-density fiberboard (MDF) television stand if you want something that looks like real wood without all the extra heft.

Remote controls 

Remote controls allow users to conveniently adjust the flame speed, luster, and heat output from afar without needing to move away from their seats.

Digital thermostats

Say goodbye to the age-old manual dial thermostat—with digital technology, now you can easily set your fireplace temperature down to a precise degree. Most models are built directly into the fireplace itself; however remote-control versions exist as well for added convenience.

Built-in lighting

Built-in lighting is an excellent way to boost the aesthetic of your electric fireplace TV stand. Although nothing beats a natural flame, backlighting or full illumination with red, blue, and green LED (RGB) lights can give it a more contemporary feel.

Weight Capacity

If you’re looking to make your electric fireplace a multipurpose TV stand, it is important that you consider its weight capacity and whether or not it can hold your TV. Don’t forget any additional gadgets such as gaming consoles, movie players, speakers, etc – so go for a higher-weight capacity option if necessary! This way your electric fireplace will become an efficient multifunctional centerpiece in no time.

Heating Capacity

When purchasing an electric fireplace television stand, it’s critical to ensure that the unit will be able to generate sufficient heat for your space. To know this you must check both the heating capacity (expressed in BTU) and the area affected by its heat output (measured in square feet).

The higher these numbers are, the better the warming capabilities your fireplace will have during cold weather seasons.

Best Under Tv Electric Fireplace Stands Reviewed On This Guide

Ameriwood Home Chicago Electric Fireplace TV Console

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Introducing the Ameriwood Home Chicago Electric Fireplace TV Console – an under tv electric fireplace stand that provides a perfect combination of storage and warmth.

Featuring a durable, laminated particleboard and MDF construction with a rustic farmhouse espresso woodgrain finish, this under tv fireplace cabinet can support up to 70 lbs. of weight at its divided top shelf and two additional shelves behind each door that can hold up to 20 lbs., allowing you to securely mount your TV or media components.

Comes equipped with an Altraflame infrared electric heater providing energy-efficient heat while emitting no dangerous carbon monoxide or emissions – heating any room up to 400 sq. ft.

The ultra-bright LED technology offers realistic logs and flame lighting effects which can be used with or without the heat – perfect for cozy movie nights! Easy assembly required by 2 adults; Dimensions: 31.77”H x 47.24”W x 15.87”D

Amerlife Fireplace TV Stand Sliding Barn Door Wood Entertainment Center

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The Amerlife Fireplace TV Stand is an under-TV cabinet that combines rustic design with contemporary style.

This stand features a 23″ plug-in electric fireplace with a high-efficiency heating system, two sliding barn doors for easy access to your entertainment items, and adjustable shelves for ample storage space. It also contains pre-punched holes along the back panel so you can easily manage cords while keeping them out of sight.

The included wall mount allows you to place it under any standard flat-screen TV up to 65 inches in size. With this under tv electric fireplace stand, you’ll enjoy the warmth and convenience of modern farmhouse style.

OKD Fireplace TV Stand

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The OKD Fireplace TV Stand is an under tv electric fireplace stand that will bring a touch of warmth and beauty to your home. It includes a 23” electric fireplace heater insert with remote control for easy adjusting, providing up to 4600 BTU of heat and 50000 hours of LED light source.

The realistic flame can be used with or without heat so you can get the ambiance even when it isn’t needed for extra warmth.

This under tv fireplace cabinet has a sturdy structure made from 2” x 2″ wide metal X-Shaped side support frames and high-density manufactured wood boards covered in 3D woodgrain paper. It also features soft closing hinges and metal mesh doors on the left and right sides for better ventilation, as well as adjustable feet to ensure stability while the flame is running.

The unit measures 58” W x 16” D x 33” H with storage spaces at the top shelf, middle shelves behind the door, bottom space suitable for TVs up to 65 Inch(es), cable management holes in the back panel perfect organization keeping wires tidy out of sight if need be.

Types Of Under Tv Electric Fireplace Stands

 Infrared heating system

Typically, electric fireplaces provide warmth through an infrared heating system, which is a type of radiant heat. These under tv fireplace wall mounts use this heating system to provide efficient and comfortable warmth for the room.

Fan-forced heating units

These have internal heating coils to warm up the air before it is blown into the room. The under tv electric fireplace stands with fan-forced heating are typically more powerful than those using infrared heating and can cover a greater area.

Common Questions About Under Tv Electric Fireplace Stands

Are TV stands with electric fireplaces worth it?

An under tv electric fireplace stand can be a great addition to any living space, providing both the warmth and aesthetic of a traditional fireplace without the hassle of installation.

With an under TV fireplace wall mount or under TV fireplace cabinet, you’ll get all the benefits of an electric fireplace while also using it as a functional stand for your TV. These energy-efficient pieces are definitely worth considering if you’re looking for an enhanced viewing experience.

How does an electric fireplace tv stands work?

Your electric fireplace tv stand produces just the right amount of heat to keep your living room cozy and inviting, so you can watch television in comfort without having to waste energy by heating your home. The built-in heater inside provides only the warmth that’s necessary, allowing you to enjoy a pleasant environment with minimal effort.

Why do you need an under tv electric fireplace?

  • Creates Ambience: If you’re looking for an ambient addition to your home, look no further than an under tv fireplace stand. Not only does it bring out the aesthetic of any space, but its comforting warmth and subtle illumination create a cozy atmosphere that is bound to make anyone feel welcome.
  • Heating Energy clean Source: An under tv electric fireplace stand is the perfect heating source – it’s more efficient, cleaner, and eco-friendly than oil, gas, or wood. Plus it does not emit any soot, smoke, or dangerous climate change-causing greenhouse gases.
  • Extra Storage Space: Perfectly suited to store the components of your entertainment center (gaming consoles, video games, controllers, PVRs) and more – you’ll be able to safely tuck away anything without sacrificing style.
  • Saves Space: Not only will they fit comfortably into your living area, but they also save valuable space by combining two pieces of furniture into one. Integrated fireplace TV consoles come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from just a few feet wide to snugly fit into the corner of any room. Not only do you save space with an integrated TV stand, but there is also no need for a chimney.

How many BTUs does an under tv electric fireplace should be?

A regular fireplace TV stand can generate up to 5000 BTUs, providing comfortable heating for an area of around 400 square feet – all at a very low cost.

Do Electric Fireplaces Use a Lot of Electricity? 

Electric fireplaces are just as energy-efficient as conventional space heaters and use the typical household outlet of 120 volts. The internal heater reaches 1,500 watts at 12.5 amps when in operation – making them economical to run while providing cozy warmth.

How much clearance do I need for a TV above an electric fireplace?

To ensure a smooth installation experience, we recommend leaving 8 inches of space between the top of the fireplace and your mantelpiece, TV, or ceiling – while 6 inches should be kept from the bottom to the floor. This applies to most fireplace models.

Video Tutorial: Best Electric Fireplace TV Stand

Check out the video below to learn how to assemble this fantastic under tv electric fireplace stand.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to under tv fireplaces, there are so many options available that you can find one to suit your needs and style. Whether you opt for an under tv electric fireplace stand, a wall-mounted version, or even a cabinet model, these under-tv fireplaces will provide the perfect solution to keep your living space warm and inviting while adding a touch of luxury.

With their sleek designs, modern features, and convenient installation methods, under TV fireplaces offer homeowners more control over their heating solutions than ever before. So go ahead – make your home cozy with an under tv electric fireplace today.


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David King has been working with fireplace installations and repairs for over 15 years. He has written about fireplace safety and installation for over a decade. His work can be found at, where you can find reviews on the latest fireplace products and advice from experts in the industry.
Photo of author
David King has been working with fireplace installations and repairs for over 15 years. He has written about fireplace safety and installation for over a decade. His work can be found at, where you can find reviews on the latest fireplace products and advice from experts in the industry.